L’Oréal Canada invests in influencers with dubdub

By Lucy Tandon Copp 12-Dec-2016

Tech company dubdub will provide L’Oréal Canada with ability to let video influencers generate direct sales via shoppable video

L’Oréal Canada has announced a new partnership with tech company dubdub, which will allow it to monetise the video content of its influencers.

Using dubdub’s new app dubcandy, L’Oréal will be able to measure and attribute sales to specific influencer content, helping it to identify which influencers are the biggest sales-drivers.

The app also enables the influencer to earn affiliate revenue from sales through their video content.

Stéphane Bérubé. Vice-President and CMO, L'Oréal Canada, said the new partnership will definitely change the way it produces in-house video.

“Dubcandy is helping us elevate our influencers' partnerships and launch a new compensation model that will be directly linked to the influencer's branded content reach and engagement."

Meanwhile, dubdub CMO Hilton Barbour, said: “L’Oréal Canada is actively using dubcandy to optimise their influencer campaigns and that highlights how astute brands want new ways to engage their consumers, but require a simple way to attribute direct sales from authentic content creators.

“It's going to be fascinating to see how dubcandy can help them do both."

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For an example of how the app will work, click here.