Kiehl’s backs The Trevor Project to support LGBTQ community

By Becky Bargh | 29-May-2020

The L’Oréal brand will collaborate with the suicide prevention organisation on social media campaigns to raise awareness for Pride

L’Oréal-owned Kiehl’s has entered a new partnership with suicide prevention organisation The Trevor Project in solidarity with Pride month.

The group provides support for LGBTQ young people through free and confidential crisis services including a phone line, chat and text programmes.

It also runs TrevorSpace, a networking site for LGBTQ youths, offering education, research and advocacy programmes.

“In these unprecedented times, it is important for us to remember to lean on our allies and communities for support and inclusion, which is why we are thrilled at Kiehl’s to partner with The Trevor Project,” said Kiehl’s US President Ginny Wright.

“As strong supporters of our LGBTQ communities, we look forward to working with them to raise awareness for the important issues and challenges facing our marginalised youth today.”

As part of the collaboration, Kiehl’s will collaborate during June Pride and September Self-Care on social media campaigns to raise awareness for the issues facing LGBTQ communities.

Kicking off the digital initiatives, Kiehl’s will host an Insatgram Live dance party with LGBTQ ambassadors to encourage followers to donate to The Trevor Project.

Kiehl’s will also host digital discussions on its social media channels throughout June to highlight the experiences of the community and support key advocates.

The skin care brand has also donated US$100,000 to the project.

“With Kiel’s financial contribution, The Trevor Project will be able to directly serve even more LGBTQ youth in crisis during a time when physical distancing can exacerbate ongoing challenges they may already face,” added the group’s VP of Foundation, Government and Corporate Partnerships, Muneer Panjwani.

“Kiehl’s expertly curated digital programming will help us elevate the voices and experiences of LGBTQ young people, shine a light on LGBTQ youth mental health and share our educational resources with their followers.

“We’re grateful to Kiehl’s for their year-round support and can’t wait to kick start an exciting slate of initiatives centred on LGBTQ youth.”

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