Karen Murrell feel-good lipsticks

Karen Murrell, bright and colourful range is produced under organic principles

Karen Murrell Lipstick

Karen Murrell says that lipsticks are just like flowers. Her bright and colourful range is produced under organic principles - including the packaging developed by Quadpack.

Like most young girls, New Zealander Karen Murrell used to love rummaging through her mother's make-up bag. Unlike most, she went on to create her own make-up company. Karen Murrell's lipsticks pay homage to her mum's lipstick collection with their perky presentation.

Karen Murrell's lipsticks are produced from natural-based ingredients that are free from animal-based oils, parabens and preservatives. Her range is rich in natural high pigment, ensuring each lipstick has intense colour, is long wearing and does not feather. Taking direction from trends in fashion and seasons, each hue has vibrant personality and is designed to be easy and fun to wear.

In line with this eco and fashion commitment, they are presented in a sleek, matt black lipstick cylinder from Quadpack's catalogue. It is one of Quadpack's many exciting on-trend packaging options offered by its Make-Up Division.

"Flowers are an integral part of my life and I think that lipsticks are just like flowers," says Karen Murrell. "They have an instant feel good factor that will brighten anyone's outfit." As KM lipsticks expand into the Chinese, South African and US markets, Quadpack is proud to help her company bloom.

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