Kanebo debuts first prestige men's skin care line


The brand has identified Japanese men's key skin care concerns

Kanebo has launched its first prestige men's skin care line on the Japanese market.

The Lissage Men range, which is based on more than 20 years of collagen research, comprises a moisturising beauty essence and a foaming soap, the latter of which is said to double up as a shaving cream.

The collection was created after research from Kanebo Beauty Research Laboratories identified a “striking resemblence” between male and female skin care concerns in Japan, with skin dryness, and spots and freckles being among the top worries for men.

“As one can imagine, along with changes in the skin caused by dryness and aging, Japanese men, much like women, develop a strong interest in ageing care,” said Beauty Researcher Sumika Hirao.

The Lissage Men range is said to be designed for men in their thirties and fourties. The brand decided to launch just two products initially so that men would find it easy to adjust to incorporating a skin care routine into their daily lives, if they have not done so before.

“Of the items that Japanese men use on their faces, the majority are facial cleanser, shaving foam and lotion,” said Tomoko Ogino, Brand Manager of Lissage. “While they may have a variety of skin concerns and problem areas, the starting point for Lissage Men is to have them begin with items that are easy to use every day.”

Although the products were designed with men as the target audience, they have also been made with female consumers in mind. “What gets men started on skincare is often – besides the medium of TV – advice from a girlfriend or partner,” added Ogino.

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The logo and packaging was created by designer Kashiwa Sato. The products are available now with prices ranging from ¥2,000-3,000.