Kanebo Cosmetics adds to revamped I Hope line with new skin care range

By Becky Bargh 21-Jul-2020

The products’s formulas are said to mirror the stratum corneum’s moisture barrier function

Kanebo Cosmetics is preparing to launch a new collection of skin care products with formulas designed to mirror the stratum corneum’s moisture barrier function.

The I Hope skin care line follows Kanebo's revamp announced in November last year and the launch of 44 new colour cosmetics in the spring.

Joining the brand’s portfolio are four products based on Kanebo’s ‘Unify System’ On & In, which uses gender-inclusive formulas to help moisturise skin.

Kanebo’s On Skin Essence V and On Skin Essence F (¥10,000 each) moisturisers are designed to leave skin feeling soft and protect skin from dry environments.

Meanwhile, Kanebo’s new Cream In Day and Night products (¥ 8,000) are said to lock in moisture.

Both products contain Fucus serratus extract, a type of seaweed, and are also said to help firm skin.

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The line is expected to hit the Japanese market first on 9 October and will be released worldwide from October onwards.