KFC to launch chicken-flavoured nail polish


Fast food brand enters the beauty market with novel product

Fast food chain KFC is due to enter the beauty market with its first ever nail polish. The edible product has been announced in Hong Kong with the help of marketing company Ogilvy and Mather as part of a wider campaign.

The advertisers are working with ingredients manufacturers McCormick, which also produces flavours for the chain’s usual fried chicken offering, to give the polish its flavour.

Fans of the brand on Facebook are invited to vote for which polish shade/flavour they would prefer ahead of its launch – choosing between Original and Hot & Spicy – before a limited 300-500 bottle run is rolled out.

The nail polish is said to be made from natural ingredients, making it safe to wear and eat. It can be applied in the same way as a usual polish, although as it is a food product it must be used soon after opening and applying. KFC has also released a music video to promote the product.

KFC is looking to expand its presence in Hong Kong, where it currently has 60 stores. The nail polish ads are using KFC’s signature tagline, “Finger lickin’ good”, to help raise brand awareness among millennials in the region.

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Earlier this year, the brand partnered with designer CJ Yao at Shanghai Fashion Week for an event that saw models carrying buckets of fried chicken on the catwalk. The company has also opened a high tech version of one of its restaurants featuring a customer service robot.