Japan’s Pola apologises for displaying sign barring Chinese people


The cosmetics maker owned by Pola Orbis Holdings has issued a statement of apology

Japanese cosmetics brand Pola has issued an apology after one of its retail stores displayed a sign banning Chinese shoppers, The Japan Times reported.

The sign which roughly translated to ‘no entry by Chinese people’ was circulated on social media.

Pola, owned by Pola Orbis Holdings, issued a statement of apology shortly afterwards, confirming it had identified the store and removed the sign.

“We are sincerely sorry and regret that an inappropriate poster... has caused unpleasant feelings and nuisance to many people,” the company said.

“Our company takes this issue seriously,” it added.

"We will suspend operations at the shop and punish those responsible as soon as we confirm the facts of the matter."

Twitter reactions

Despite the sign discriminating by race, some social media users have showed their support for Pola and the message, with some accusing Chinese people of shoplifting from the store.

The Daily Mail reports that the “swelling numbers” of Chinese visitors has provoked a backlash, “with some Japanese complaining the crowds are unruly and ill-mannered”.

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Pola Orbis Holdings is the parent company of other cosmetics brands including Jurlique, Orlane and H2O+ Beauty, among others.


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