Innovative new platform flexy are looking for exciting beauty brands


flexy is an innovative, emerging retail space that is opening its doors to the beauty sector offering a low risk, no fee platform to create a subscription model for beauty businesses or promote their existing subscriptions.

Their brand mission is to connect brands with new customers and build recurring sales by selling on a subscription basis. From responsibly sourced coffee, organic beauty to cocktails, plant based meals, health supplements and much more. flexy is a growing marketplace of unique products and services consumed on a regular basis.

Consuming products on a subscription basis has exploded in recent years, with the UK industry seeing a 40% growth last year. Given the regular consumption of a beauty or personal care product, this sector is ripe to grasp this model.

flexy’s 3 co-founders have many years experience of retail, subscriptions and building innovative tech platforms so it’s no surprise they have stumbled upon the need for consumers to be able to discover, buy and manage their subscriptions in one place.

The team carefully researched the subscription market, running polls to understand customer behaviour prior to creating their platform and building in consumer ideals into their model and marketplace. Providing flexible subscriptions that can fit around consumers needs, desires and lifestyle is core to the flexy vision.

flexy is looking for high quality, emerging brands with powerful stories. They love brands with sustainable missions and are passionate about protecting our resources and environment too. If you are looking for a new way to sell your product or another arm to your marketing strategy get in touch with flexy, they would love to hear from you.

If you would like to try the platform yourself, enjoy 20% off on your first purchase with discount code: CB20.

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