Induchem launches extra small Unispheres


The extra small spheres are said to enhance visual effects in transparent water based formulas

Induchem has announced the launch of a new generation of visual enhancers for cosmetic formulas: Unispheres XS. The extra small spheres have a diameter of 0.2mm-0.5mm and are said to create an outstanding colourful visual effect in any kind of transparent water based formula, including shampoos, shower gels, serums, gels, lotions, deodorants or toothpastes. Delivered dry, they transform into soft and crushable beads in the finished product, disappears with a gentle rub without leaving any shell residue on skin or hair.

“The cosmetic industry is steadily looking for new visual elements increasing the attractiveness of their products,” said Fabrice Lefèvre, Global Scientific Marketing Manager at Induchem. “This is a direct answer to studies showing that consumers are naturally attracted first by the look of the products on the shelves. Unispheres XS, due to their amazingly small size, create a new visual dimension which enables an instant visual differentiation of cosmetic products in beauty shops.”

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Unispheres XS will be launched in five colours: Flamboyant Red, Powerful Green, Intense Yellow, Pure White and Deep Blue.

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