In-cosmetics 2013: BASF will display its innovative solutions and take its business approach to the next level

At this year’s in-cosmetics show in Paris, France, from April 16 to 18, BASF’s Personal Care business will showcase its comprehensive concepts and ingredients portfolio including innovation-driven solutions at booth F101.

  • BASF’s Personal Care business will launch the next level of its Care Creations™ brand
  •  New formulation concept will be presented
  • An expert from BASF will share insights at an Innovation Seminar

At this year’s in-cosmetics show in Paris, France, from April 16 to 18, BASF’s Personal Care business will showcase its comprehensive concepts and ingredients portfolio including innovation-driven solutions at booth F101. Also, after last year’s launch of the new Care Creations™ brand, visitors are invited to the booth this year to experience the next level of the brand roll-out, which takes an even closer look at consumers and includes a new formulation concept.

BASF explores people’s needs up-close

One year after its successful launch, BASF will start taking the Care Creations™ brand to the next level. “We are all very excited to launch the second level of the Care Creations™ brand at this year’s in-cosmetics,” says Jan-Peter Sander, Senior Vice President of BASF Personal Care Europe. “We will take an even closer look at real life from a face-to-face perspective as if we were standing right next to the consumers themselves. This market empathy combined with our science excellence enables us to support our customers with innovative, market driven solutions.”

Moreover, BASF will unveil a new formulation concept that goes beyond looking at consumers’ demands from a bird’s eye view. People around the world are characterized by their diverse lives, whether their culture, environment, interests or even opportunities. Each person plays many roles throughout the day, whether going to work, taking care of their children, going out for dinner, enjoying a hobby or learning a new skill. By discovering the stories of real people, BASF understands their multifaceted daily needs, which is paramount to the success of their cosmetic products. BASF’s new concept is filled with different cosmetic products that have been inspired by people’s diverse daily lives.

Highly specialized anti-aging programs

Looking young, attractive and healthy is becoming increasingly important to people of all ages. However, the aging process varies considerably among individuals, depending on factors such as lifestyle, environmental influences and genetic predisposition.
Furthermore, everyone’s skin is unique: its individual demands vary from one person to the next, regardless of age. That is why BASF has developed a skin care concept that comprises well-designed sets of formulations that focus on fundamental anti-aging measures – prevention, maintenance and correction.

Innovative solutions for advanced sunscreens

Sunscreen manufacturers in Europe can currently choose from a variety of UV filters with different absorbance profiles: e.g. UVB, UVA or broad-spectrum. However, until now, there was a protection gap in the UVAII range that could not be covered with the UV filters available. With the launch of its new broad-spectrum UV filter that covers the UVB and the UVAII range from 290 to over 340 nm, BASF will now close this gap. Visitors at the show can get a detailed insight into the new innovative UV filter during an Innovation Seminar, which is due to take place between 12:00 to 12:30 p.m. on April 17, 2013 at Theatre 1.

Multi-functional hair care ingredients

At the show, BASF will showcase the latest addition to its hair care portfolio: a new, innovative ingredient that provides an all-in-one solution for hair styling gels, creams and waxes. It offers high performance styling and long-lasting curl retention while providing a smooth, crystal-clear gel base. The portfolio will also include a new, environmentally compatible conditioner compound that responds perfectly to the demand for strong hair-care products based on natural substances.

Value-added body cleansing

BASF’s portfolio which will be on display at in-cosmetics 2013 will also include a micro-emulsion that is derived exclusively from renewable raw materials. It adds very finely dispersed oil to body cleansing products. The oil then remains on the skin after washing, supporting the skin’s natural protection and leaving a soft and smooth feel. Its mildness and nurturing properties make the microemulsion ideally suited for use in sensitive skin products.

Colors and shades for everyone

BASF enables customers to choose from a wide variety of colors and shades which achieve different effects. Synthetic mica-based pigments, which provide high chromaticity as well as purity, will be exhibited at the show. BASF will also launch a new range of natural mica-titanium dioxide-iron oxide platelets with high color saturation from the skin-tone spectrum to fulfill the mineral make-up and natural foundation trend. Easy to disperse, with a silky feel and good skin adherence, these pearls will play a role in the new formulas of BB/CC creams and sun-kissed powders.

A comprehensive under-eye anti-aging treatment

Among the cosmetic actives that will be displayed, Beauty Creations, the cosmetic active ingredient business of BASF, will introduce a sea vegetal extract which visibly improves the under-eye area in a comprehensive manner while reducing dark circles and smoothing out fine lines.

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