Images of brunettes achieve more clicks than blondes


Analysis shows images of dark-haired people have better click-through rates including shopping clicks

Forgoing the old adage, a new study has revealed that it’s not blondes that have more fun, but brunettes – at least when it comes to online engagement.

Analysis by visual content marketing platform Olapic shows that images of people with brunette hair result in higher click-through rates and ‘shopping clicks’ or clicks that lead to a buy.

Images of dark-haired people generated a 150% higher click-through rate and 200% higher shopping click rate, than those of light-haired individuals.

Even when the results were segmented into separate streams for cosmetics and hair products, the figures still supported the overall observation, with content tagged to blondes and dyed hair coming in second and third places to brunettes.

The platform said the figures may stem from the fact that only 2% of the world’s population is naturally blonde.

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The majority of data collected related to brunettes, at 81%; 11% related to blondes and 8% to those with dyed hair.


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