Iggy Azalea revives 2000s’ beauty trends with Totally Plastic make-up line

By Becky Bargh 25-Aug-2021

Following the artist’s exit from the music industry, the ‘Fancy’ singer has big plans in beauty

Iggy Azalea is reviving beauty trends from the noughties in the campaign for her new Totally Plastic make-up line, in partnership with BH Cosmetics.

Set to drop on 29 August, the ad shows the Grammy-nominated singer wearing bright coloured eyeshadows, hair accessories, crop tops and chokers, all reminiscent of the early 2000s.

The line comprises three 9-pan eyeshadow palettes, priced at US$17 each, containing blues, purples, pinks and neutrals in matte and shimmer finishes; while the $19 face palette features a trio of brightening and contour shades.

Completing the cosmetics range are four lip glosses in shades of bubblegum pink and peach with gold flecks, and false eyelashes.

For the accessories Azalea has developed an 8-piece face and eye brush set, a beauty sponge, housed in a hot pink case, a lavender travel case, as well as a glitter, heart-shaped hand mirror with devil horns, which brings to mind her debut fragrance Devil’s Advocate.

The edp was the Australian rapper’s first foray into the cosmetics arena in June, and was Co-created by Merveilleux Beauty, the cosmetics company behind the likes of Huda Beauty, Maybelline and Estée Lauder.

For the scent, the ‘Fancy’ singer, who announced last month she would be stepping back from making music for a few years to pursue other creative avenues, took inspiration from her home country, using a blend of local sandalwood, citrus, vanilla, musk and amber.

“I'm very passionate about having a concept and bringing it to life and I'm so specific about the way that I want things to be,” said the 31-year-old.

“I love that BH Cosmetics has an accessible price point for everyone but still has very good quality product[s]. That stuck out to me because I rarely see actual high-quality eyeshadow for the price point that they have.

“I love that because when I'm thinking about things that I'm making for people, I want them to be accessible to everyone.”

According to WWD, Azalea has big plans in beauty, following the release of her last album ‘The End of an Era’ earlier this month.

“Where we’re headed with Iggy’s career is to build her own beauty empire, in her own way, but in the same vein as what the Kardashians have done so successfully and Rihanna and others,” her manager, Reece Pearson, told the publication.

“This partnership with BH is really starting to blossom in that we’re in very early conversations about a much bigger partnership.

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“This is not an endorsement kind of deal. This is truly a partnership, a collaboration that I think is going to end up becoming something much bigger. We have our sights on real success with Totally Plastic.”