Idealpak launches new eco-packaging solutions


The newly launched PCR (Post-consumer Resin) packaging series is a new eco-friendly packaging option

Idealpak launches new eco-packaging solutions

IDEALPAK keeps staying ahead of the innovation curve with a focus on sustainability. The newly launched PCR (Post-consumer Resin) packaging series is an eco-friendly packaging option for many brand owners to support the recycling program and meet the demands of consumers.

PCR is recycled materials made from discarded plastic products. Packaging products made from PCR is an environmentally sustainable solution for reusing single-use materials that would otherwise be disposed of in landfill.

10% to 100% PCR can be added into PET bottles, PET jars or cosmetic tubes.

Advantages of choosing PCR packaging series:

  1. Reduce virgin plastic consumption and help save energy and fossil fuels
  2. Reuse single-use items and keep plastic out of landfill
  3. Low carbon footprint: manufacturing 100% PCR PET is 60% lower than virgin PET
  4. PCR can be recycled again for new manufacturing
  5. Help brand owners to establish good corporate image on environmental protection, create competitive advantage and enhance the intangible assets of their brands.

Idealpak launches new eco-packaging solutions

Strengths of Idealpak in PCR packaging:

  1. Idealpak can help customise the color of the PCR PET bottles, PCR PET jars and PCR cosmetic tubes
  2. Idealpak offers different decoration options for the PCR packaging series: silkscreen printing, hot stamping, labeling, spray painting, spray frosting, offset printing
  3. Idealpak has different moulds in a great variety of shapes and sizes for clients to choose from
  4. Idealpak provides complimentary engineering and design services for custom mould development
  5. Idealpak’s highly skilled team and complete and systematic quality assurance system will ensure efficiency and quality.

Think Green, Act Green, Live Green.

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