Ichimaru Pharcos presents Japanese ingredient for skin and hair care


Ichimaru Pharcos will show you ‘Wamino-BonBon’ as a new Japanese ingredient for skin and hair care at in-cosmetics ASIA 2018 (Stand Q60).

Wamino-BonBon is a 100%-made-in-Japan extract that is produced with a combination of “Sake lees” made from a high-quality Japanese Sake and molasses from the Japanese traditional sugar “Wasanbon”.

Accordingly, the name Wamino-BonBon comes from a combination of “Wamino”, as in the ‘amino’ acid obtained from Sake lees (the ‘Wa’ referencing a (Japanese-style) ingredient), and “BonBon”, meaning a sugar candy, echoing the name “Wasanbon”.

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Wamino-BonBon is a preservative free, natural cosmetic ingredient that is made solely with food materials, with both sustainability and traceability. Wamino-BonBon substantially changes formulation texture and moisturises skin and hair.

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