INOLEX announces Michael J. Fevola as Vice President of Global R&D


Michael J. Fevola, Ph.D. will join INOLEX's senior ranks as Vice President leading the company's global research and development functions

Michael J. Fevola

Michael J. Fevola

Michael J. Fevola's appointment signals INOLEX's continued commitment to innovation, building on the company's existing portfolio and robust pipeline of safe, natural, and sustainable technologies in beauty care.

Fevola will further fuel INOLEX's growth by capitalising on the company's core capabilities and identifying opportunities in new product areas.

"The addition of Mike enables accelerated pathways to commercialisation for new products, which is critical as we continue to innovate in our fast-moving industry. Mike's passion for green chemistry is a perfect fit with the INOLEX mission, and I look forward to having him on the team and collaborating on a variety of new and exciting concepts," said Rocco Burgo, Chief Scientist at INOLEX.

Fevola brings over 20 years of industry experience, most recently as Research Director and Fellow, Global Beauty R&D Innovation Platforms at Johnson & Johnson Consumer Companies, Inc., where he led cross-functional teams in the development of new platforms for sun care and body care.

Fevola currently holds 24 patents and is a prolific contributor to industry publications, and has twice been recognised with the Johnson Medal for Research & Development, the most prestigious scientific award given at Johnson & Johnson.

Mike Fevola will work alongside of Rocco Burgo, Chief Scientist at INOLEX, who has long led the company's success in breakthrough technology, including alternative preservation, silicone alternatives, sun care, palm-free solutions, and natural cationic conditioning.

"Mike is a distinctly talented and accomplished scientist, and his leadership puts us in a very strong position for ingredient advancement. We have an entrepreneurial spirt marked by a high degree of creativity, technical knowhow, and collaboration in our labs. Mike's level of hands-on research is key to maintaining a nimble, adaptable mindset to stay in-front of our clients' needs," said David Plimpton, CEO of INOLEX.

Fevola sits on the Personal Care Products Council (PCPC)'s International Nomenclature Committee, Polymer & Silicone subcommittee.

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Also active in the Society of Cosmetic Chemists, Personal Care Products Council, American Chemical Society, and American Oil Chemists Society. Mike holds a Ph.D. in Polymer Science & Engineering from The University of Southern Mississippi and a BS in Chemistry from the University of Delaware.

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