IGEA Group qualifies as finalist in 3 categories in 2020 international awards


The new LIPMD, developed by leading beauty tech company has been nominated for these awards

IGEA Group qualifies as finalist in 3 categories in 2020 international awards

LIPMD is quite possibly the world's best dual action, time-activated lip-enhancing device and serum technology.

Injection free, toxin free with incredible results - guaranteed!

Designed, engineered and formulated with one goal in mind – to give women an injection free alternative, more effective than other non-invasive solutions. All without the pain, expense or dangers associated with clinic dermal filler and botulinum toxin injection procedures.

LIPMD combines the best lip actives in an Australian Made, cruelty free formula with time-activated device technology for instantly fuller and nourished lips in minutes.

Time-activated device, dual action technology puts you in control

Unlike painful and expensive injections LIPMD has developed a time activated device and serum technology that puts you in control.

  • Want natural lip enhancement for younger plumper lips? Then simply use setting 1 on your LIPMD device
  • Prefer an explosive, sexy pout for a glamorous night out? Then, use setting 2 and double up your treatment
  • Apply serum for maximum plumping results.

It's really that easy! You can customise your lip volume to your occasion or mood.

Tried, tested and guaranteed

In fact LIPMD are so sure they have the most superior luxury lip plumper on the market today - they actually guarantee results!

If you don't love your fuller, sexier lips then simply send your LIPMD back for a full refund.

How can they be so sure that LIPMD will give you the fuller lips you crave that they guarantee it?

It’s because LIPMD has already been tested with women who are raving about this dual action lip plumping technology against all other non-invasive solutions available.

87% agree LIPMD is hard to beat.

In one test 43 women (of different ages) tried LIPMD with 87% agreeing it was the best lip plumping system they had ever tried.

In another trial with 17 models who had at one time or another experimented with lip plumping needle injections in the past, a whopping 79% said they would switch and favour the LIPMD solution over undergoing injections.

Top 10 reasons to choose LIPMD for sexy, full lips in just 2 minutes!

  1. Sexy, Full lips in just 2 minutes!
  2. Compact, luxury rose gold design - use anywhere - take it everywhere
  3. Easy to use with results in just minutes
  4. No painful needles, clinic appointments, down-time or risks
  5. Time activated, two level settings for either natural enhancement (setting 1) or explosive Hollywood lips (setting 2) and lip serum
  6. Serum plumps, nourishes, hydrates, rejuvenates for natural, healthy looking lips
  7. Removable lip filter pad for cleansing ease and hygiene use, if sharing with family/friends
  8. USB charger (2 hrs full charge) – convenient charging with your electronic gadgets (laptop, computer, mobile, tablet)
  9. Scientifically engineered and rigorously tested for safety with performance advantages against other available alternatives
  10. Includes no quibbles – Best non-invasive lip plumping technology or your money back guarantee.
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