IFF appoints two new Master Perfumers

By Becky Bargh 19-Sep-2018

Francisco Marano and Stephen Nicoll joined the organisation in 1976 and 2000 respectively and are two of four perfumers to be crowned with the title

IFF headquarters New York

Francisco Marano and Stephen Nicoll

International Flavors & Fragrances (IFF) has announced the appointment of two new Master Perfumers.

Francisco Marano and Stephen Nicoll join Carlos Benaim and Dominique Ropion as bearers of the prestigious perfumery title.

The company awards the title to recognise perfumers who have demonstrated consistent and outstanding levels of creativity in perfumery, and to date has only bestowed the honour on four of its employees.

IFF Chairman and CEO Andreas Fibig said: “The passion to achieve the levels of mastery that Steve and Francisco demonstrate on a daily basis cannot be taught in any school and cannot be demanded by one’s employer.

“I am beyond proud to honour the depth, breadth and impact of Francisco and Steve’s contributions – ones that bring joy to so many people around the world.”

He continued: “We congratulate them on their many achievements and look forward to many more.”

Meanwhile, Marano said: “I am so honoured to receive the title of Master Perfumer.

“It is the ultimate tribute in a perfumer’s career and a genuine privilege to join my colleagues Carol, Dominique and Steve.”

Marano first became interested in olfactory through his love of chemistry and joined IFF Brazil in 1978.

He added: “Perfume is my passion – to have this recognition for something I love is the greatest reward I could imagine.”

Nicoll’s career was propelled by his father, who was also a perfumer at Bourjois Chanel in London before setting up his own small lab.

Nicoll went to complete his apprenticeship in Grasse, France, and completed his training at the British Society of Perfumers.

He said: “Being curious by nature, I was always fascinated by how things smell.

“I am fortunate to have discovered a career that allows me to continue to be curious every day.

“In perfumery we have the ability to touch millions of people’s lives through the fragrance we create – and make their lives better, happier and more satisfying. For a perfumer there is no greater reward.”

This is the firm's third appointment of the prestigious role, with Dominique Ropion being appointed earlier this year; before that Carlos Benaim recevied his honour back in 2013.

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