How to land a partnership with online beauty retailer LoveLula


Dubbed the world's natural beauty shop, LoveLula talks to Cosmetics Business about its rising categories and how not every brand needs a certification

Rhian Wynter

Rhian Wynter

Despite its tagline 'the world's natural beauty shop', not all brands needs to have a certification to get stocked at LoveLula.

But beauty buyer Rhian Wynter wants to see a brand that has the same drive and ethos as the retailer, and those that are meticulous about presentation.

Here, she talks to Cosmetics Business about her pitch pet peeves, what a brand can do to stand out and the categories she's looking to expand online.

How many brands has LoveLula brought on this year?

We receive a lot of brand requests but usually we take on around one to three new brands a month. This year I would say we have accepted around 20 new brands onto the LoveLula Boutique. It has been a little quiet due to the pandemic but we are hoping to see a surge of new brands as things start to improve.

What is LoveLula's best performing category?

Skin care is our best performing category. We have over 150 skin care brands available on the site. We have a large selection that ranges from small home brands to more luxurious brands. People are generally a lot more eco-conscious and are taking the time to research skin care and harmful product ingredients so skin care takes the top spot by a mile.

Which category would you like to invest in the most?

I would say make-up is the category we would like to invest in most. We have some amazing make-up brands already available on the site but it is an area that we would love to expand. There is always room for a few more lipsticks on the site.

What can a brand do to stand out?

I’m a sucker for good packaging and brand presentation. We do require samples as part of the initial process so if you’re sending in products take a little extra time on the presentation and you’ll have a few brownie points under your belt. Other than that we are looking for brands that have the same views and drive as us.

Does a brand need a certification to get stocked at LoveLula, if so, what do they need?

No, there is no certification needed to be stocked with us.

We do have a group of customers who prefer to purchase brands that have certifications. The most popular certifications customers look for include Ecocert, Soil Association and Leaping Bunny.

What are your pitch pet peeves?

Lack of care and passion is a big pet peeve of mine. If you approach us with a half-hearted brand presentation or samples that are presented poorly it doesn’t leave the best first impression. If you’re trying to win us over at least show that you care about the brand you’re putting forward.

If a brand would like to get stocked at LoveLula how can they get in touch?

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The best way to introduce your brand is via email, you can give us a call but email will get the ball rolling a little quicker.