How to bag a space on-shelf at one of Russia’s leading beauty retailers

By Becky Bargh 6-Jan-2022

In this exclusive insight, Category Management boss for Magnit Cosmetic reveals which beauty categories he’s investing in in 2022 and how consumer shopping habits are changing across such a vast region

Magnit Cosmetic

Russia has the largest landmass of any other country in the world, boasting 17 million square kilometres in total.

Along with its impressive land span, the country encompasses one-eighth of Earth's inhabitable landmass – meaning there’s miles and miles of space between regions, making the demands and needs of consumers unequivocally different.

So how does a beauty retailer cater to all the needs of its shoppers with such a vast land mass?

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In this exclusive Q&A, Mikhail Tantserev, Head of Category Management at Magnit Cosmetic, one of Russia's leading personal care and beauty retailers, explains how it caters to the needs of all its consumers across the region and the categories he’s watching for in 2022.


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