How 'free-from' claims are affecting the cosmetic preservation industry

'Free-from' is a term consumers increasingly want to see on their beauty products. But the popularity of the trend is arguably misleading consumers and limiting the choice of preservatives available

Ian Watt

Cosmetics and personal care products are legally required to be microbiologically safe for the user, posing no risk to health as a result of unwanted bacteria or fungi.

But with the rise of the trend for 'free-from' products – often marketed as 'clean' or 'toxin-free' – the preservatives industry is facing challenges.

Ian Watt, European Product Stewardship and Regulatory Manager, Dow Microbial Control, tells Cosmetics Business why free-from claims can be misleading to the consumer and limit the palette of effective microbial control solutions.

How preservatives make cosmetics more sustainable

"It is a legal requirement to ensure that . . .

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