How beauty brands can tell the ‘science story’


There's science hiding inside every cosmetic product, so what can you do to bring your brand's technical story to life?

Almighty Brands helped tell the story of Good Science Beauty

Matt Burke

Science and beauty have always been inextricably linked. But it is only in recent years that the consumer has sought to fully understand product formulations as their desire for transparency and healthy choices grew.

Here, Matt Burke, Creative Director at branding agency Almighty Brands, talks to Cosmetics Business about how consumers are on the quest for the truth about the ingredients in their products and why brands need to leave patronising marketing in the past.

"The problem with science is it’s complicated, and we haven’t all got PhDs in biochemistry.

But science underpins many of the products we buy today, from tech to food to beauty. In a bid to compete in the market, brands are increasingly trying to explain to customers why their science makes their product better. But is this baffling or helpful?

Removing the clichés of past

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In the technology-fuelled 1980s and 1990s, science was in vogue and the mere mention of a magic ingredient like Pantene...

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