Honeywell boosts Asensa line


Honeywell unveiled two new ingredients as part of its Asensa line at this year’s in-cosmetics: a biopolymer that improves hold in hair care products and a thickener for high salt and extreme pH emulsions.

The biopolymer, Asensa NFF11 is derived from corn starch and is said to offer many of the features of synthetic polymers, demonstrating hold and curl resistance control even in humid conditions. It is also easily dispersed to form a water-based latex without the use of solvent.

Meanwhile, Asensa RC 880 adds stability to emulsions that have high electrolyte levels (up to 5% sodium chloride) or to formulations with high or low pH. According to Honeywell, it can also be used as a thickener in some toners and cleansers.

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