Holland & Barrett reveals top wellness trends for 2022

By Austyn King | 9-Dec-2021

Collagen supplements, microbiome services and fermentation are among the seven trends identified by the retailer

Achieving a better night's rest, microbiome care and wellness diagnostic tools are among the trends tipped to shape the wellbeing sector in the coming year, according to health and beauty retailer Holland & Barrett (H&B) in its debut Wellness Trends report.

Using a team of nutritionists, trend forecasters and product developers, H&B has identified seven trends it predicts will to help consumers relax and boost their wellbeing in 2022.

Kicking off the list, with 65% of the UK population saying they have had issues with their sleep between October 2020 and March 2021, amino acid-based natural supplements, which are said to provide a natural alternative to sedatives that work with the body's natural rhythms, are predicted to see a surge of interest.

L-glycine and 5-HTP are ingredients of particular interest, as H&B has revealed it plans to expand its range of 5-HTP supplements which are said to be a consumer favourite.

Also set to help consumers ease the tension following two turbulent years is plant-based adaptogenics, with Rhodiola rosea and mango leaf extract tipped to join favourites such as ashwagandha to help the body during stressful times.

According to H&B's research, Rhodiola rosea is said to positively influence the HPA axis, which is the body's central stress response system, while mango leaf extract interacts with the COMT enzyme, helping the body control levels of neurotransmitters such as dopamine.

Also building on this year's trend for microbiome-based personal care, as H&B saw a sales increase of almost 10% across the last year on its gut health range, postbiotics are set to join the trio of pre- and probiotics.

H&B will launch its own-brand range of 'Tri-biotics', featuring tailored bacteria blends to tackle a variety of issues including immunity, mental balance and women's intimate health.

Meanwhile, collagen was one of the biggest wellness success stories of the last year, with collagen supplement sales skyrocketing by 94% increase from 2020 to 2021 as consumers embraced the beauty from within trend with supplements from the likes of Dose & Co, Revive and NeoCell as well as H&B's own-brand Expert Liquid Collagen.

Next year, this trend is predicted to evolve even further with 'Collagen+', new actives added to collagen to increase its benefits.

These include lycopene and ceramide extracts, with the former boasting powerful antioxidant properties and the latter said to help lock in moisture and boost collagen's anti-ageing benefits.

As noted by the likes of WGSN, fermented beauty is also predicted to be big in 2022 and supplements offer a more convenient way to incorporate the benefits of products like kombucha, as they do not need to be kept in the fridge unlike the food and drink equivalents.

H&B plans to capitalise on the trend with the launch of its own kombucha supplement to the market next year.

Finally, with consumers potentially set to embrace a more on-the-go lifestyle following the pause brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic, shoppers are seeking more complete nutrition products in alternative formats such as sports powders, while nutrient testing and diagnostics tools are also on the rise.

H&B revealed it has been trialling a pinprick blood test designed to help consumers better understand their gut microbiome, and also offers products such as the Muhdo DNA + Epigenetics collection kit, which analyses users' saliva to reveal genetic dispositions to health issues to help consumers tailor their diet and lifestyle accordingly.

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