Henkel’s Dial calls for Americans to spread joy with new social media campaign

By Becky Bargh 20-May-2020

The US is the country worst-hit by the coronavirus, with almost 100,000 reported deaths

As the global battle against coronavirus continues, Henkel-owned soap manufacturer Dial is encouraging Americans to spread joy with a new social media campaign.

The #IWashMyHands initiative is calling for consumers to share photographs of their hands with names of their loved ones in order to spark virtual connections across the country.

“Through the #IWashMyHands campaign, we’re aiming to encourage more joy and hope, while also promoting proper hand hygiene,” said Henkel’s VP of Body Care, Randi Melton.

“As a family brand it’s important to maintain a sense of closeness and connection with others during this time.”

Dial has also pledged to donate more than 600,000 units of liquid hand soap, bar soap and body wash products to FEMA, the US’ Federal Emergency Management Agency, which supports communities during disasters.

“Dial has always been there for families, acting as a provider of clean, healthy skin for all,” added Melton.

“It is our role at Dial to continue teaching lifelong healthy hygiene habits to all Americans and giving them the tools do so, which is why we are standing with FEMA in their relief efforts.”

The announcement follows the launch of Henkel’s Global Solidarity Program, designed to support employees, customers and communities in the US affected by Covid-19.

Today, the US is the country worst-hit by coronavirus.

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According to the Johns Hopkins University resource centre, the US has reported more than 1.5 million cases of coronavirus and is nearing 100,000 deaths nationwide.