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Halo Wipes to be stocked in 324 Asda stores in the UK


Wipes to be stocked in UK supermarket

Halo Wipes has secured a deal to list its range of beauty and convenience wipes in UK supermarket Asda.

Asda is now stocking three products from the Halo range. The brand's Hand Wipes are to be stocked in 324 stores, the Moistened Toilet Tissue in 312 stores and the Deodorant Wipes in 246 stores. The packs will retail at £1.20 each or three packs for £3 in a promotional offer. Halo products are already stocked in Tesco, Boots, Dunnes, Sainsbury's, Spar and independent pharmacies.

Ian Anderson, Marketing Director at Halo Wipes, said: "There are increasing numbers of busy consumers who need convenient ways to keep their families fresh and clean on the go. Each product in the Halo range is compact, portable and ideal for travel, making them a quick and easy buy for supermarket shoppers."

Anderson added: "Convenience and value for customers is a key aim of ours, so having three SKUs available on the shelf in Asda stores, with a three for £3 promotion, is a very positive step for Halo."

The Halo range includes facial wipes, eye make-up remover pads, antibacterial surface wipes, deodoraant wipes, hand wipes and moistened toilet tissue.

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