Hallstar Beauty launches BIOME Oléoactif, an ingredient that reinforces the integrity of the epidermal barrier


It also preserves the microbiota of healthy skin to prevent cutaneous discomfort and disease

Hallstar Beauty launches BIOME Oléoactif, an ingredient that reinforces the integrity of the epidermal barrier

BIOME Oléoactif, INCI: Simmondsia chinensis seed oil, avena Sativa kernel oil and bacillus ferment, is the first ingredient obtained by capturing rare lipids from a wild extremophilic microorganism, then offering them to the skin and its microbiota.

This strain was isolated from an underground thermal water source by French biotechnology company Deinove. After fermentation under controlled conditions, the biomass is extracted by Hallstar Beauty’s patented green Oléo-éco-extraction.

BIOME Oléoactif is a COSMOS-certified natural beauty enhancer complex, totally safe with proven efficacy at low dose.

There are numerous possible origins for cosmetic ingredients claiming a protection of skin-microbiome ecosystem: from chemicals to various natural origins such as yeasts, bacteria, plants, and algae.

The benefit of these types of ingredients is based on the presence of polar molecules such as amino acids, peptides, proteins, polyphenols, carbohydrates, organic acids, vitamins and minerals.

BIOME Oléoactif has been created by extracting bacterial lipids that represent a minor, thus precious, part of bacteria. Among these lipids, iso C15 fatty acid, which is specific to bacteria for their membrane integrity has been identified and is used for the first time in cosmetics and personal care.

BIOME Oléoactif is the first post-prebiotic fatty acids complex.

  • Fatty acids complex because it is an innovative combination of fatty acids coming from the bacterial and vegetable worlds
  • Postbiotic because it contains non-viable fractions of bacteria that have a biological effect on the skin
  • Prebiotic because it confers a health benefit by supporting the maintenance of the normal skin microbiome associated with a modulation of some species of the microbiota related to healthier skin conditions.

To protect against intrinsic and extrinsic factors that can impair the skin and microbiota, experts recommend using cosmetics maintaining skin microbiota with an effective skin barrier function to prevent unbalanced skin conditions.

Hallstar Beauty conducted a cosmeto-genomic in vitro test on skin as well as a clinical test on cutaneous microbiota (16S rDNA sequencing) that proved BIOME Oléoactif preserves the bacterial diversity and microbiota global composition of healthy skin, thus balancing and protecting the critical [skin-microbiome] ecosystem.

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To review our extensive clinical data and learn more about how BIOME Oléoactif can be combined with all types of ingredients to create a holistic system that promotes healthy, youthful, beautiful skin, contact Nathalie Lefebvre, Active Naturals Product Manager, at nathalie.lefebvre@hallstar.com.

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