Hair care brand Nuele to help plant 100,000 moringa trees in Africa

By Becky Bargh 27-Apr-2020

The US hair care brand’s serum uses oil from the moringa tree supplied by True Moringa

Hair care brand Nuele to help plant 100,000 moringa trees in Africa

US hair care brand Nuele has thrown its weight behind supplier True Moringa’s tree planting efforts.

To tie in with Earth month, the brand has pledged to help plant 100,000 moringa trees in Ghana, Africa, the source of a key ingredient in its hair serum.

Nuele’s moringa-rich hair serum is designed to help hair retain its moisture and strengthen roots while nourishing the scalp.

The superlight formula is also infused with jojoba, argan and rosemary oil, and clary sage.

“Our goal with this collaboration is to show our customers where our ingredients come from and to learn more about the farmers who grow the moringa trees and provide the seeds for the oil used in our hair serum,” said Nuela’s co-founder Christine Martey-Ochola.

“We also want to familiarise our audience with this amazing ingredient since moringa oil isn’t well-known but has so many incredible benefits.”

The drought-resistant tree is part of the Moringaceae family and is native to the Indian-subcontinent.

According to Healthline, nearly all parts of the tree can be used for nutritional and medical purposes including its seeds, roots, bark, flowers and leaves.

Moringa seeds’ high oil content and monounsaturated fats, proteins, sterols and tocopherols make it a useful moisturiser.

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Consumers can plant their own tree by visiting the brand’s website and donating US$5.