HYDRAFENCE: Beyond hydration, Provital's latest ingredient


A natural active moisturizer and skin barrier enhancer, 120-hour hydro-power

In our awareness that by caring for the planet, we are caring for people, we created Hydrafence, a project with key aspects of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals in mind, especially SDG 2 (Zero Hunger) and SDG 12 (Ensuring Sustainable Production and Consumption Patterns).

Hydrafence is a natural active moisturizer and skin barrier enhancer based on a new hydrocolloid matrix of rice amylopectin, containing a calcium-rich fraction extracted from the Lithothamnion calcareum algae, with great in vitro and in vivo results.

  1. Hydrating power: Immediate action (30 min.), long-lasting hydration (120 hours) and cumulative results
  2. 360° Wellness: Defends against TEWL , reinforces the barrier function and brings freshness and comfort
  3. Double action: Acts from the inside and protects from the outside
  4. Genderless: In vivo mix panel for a unisex clean beauty.
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