HIEE brings a hair growth and facial care device 2-in-1 for you

Published: 30-Jun-2022

The recently launched product integrates nearly all the functions of popular beauty devices on the market

In recent years, global hair growth comb market grows fast due to the increasing awareness of personal care and grooming. Especially, the millennial generation becomes the driving force as they face more hair loss troubles due to greater life pressure. A laser hair growth comb is the latest product on the market which uses low-level laser therapy technology to stimulate the scalp and hair follicles in the fight against hair loss.

Today, China’s beauty device supply chain is quite mature. There are tens of thousands of beauty device manufacturers in China, and most of them are located in the Pearl River Delta and the Yangtze River Delta. At the same time, the number of home beauty devices is also surging. According to Tianyancha, a popular business inquiry platform in China, there were nearly 3000 newly registered companies dedicated to beauty device business in 2019, an increase of 52.5%. Even hit by the pandemic, there were still more than 2300 new home beauty device firms in 2020.

Among numerous industry players, HIEE outshines others. Located in Dongguan City, China, it is a professional manufacturer in skin care equipment kits and hair growth laser combs. Through 12 years of development, it covers an areas of 3000 square meters and owns 3 production lines. Science and innovation are at the heart of everything it does. Hence, it employs 5 engineers for R&D and 6 staff for quality control. Its annual production capacity exceeds 100,000 units. What’s more, HIEE has the German Rhineland TUV certification. It has offered OEM/ODM services to Japanese and German famous brands since 2018.

Latest, HIEE launched a 2 in 1 hair growth comb & face care device. This product nearly integrates all the functions of popular beauty devices on the market. There are two IP6 water proof heads that can be replaceable. You can choose the heads based on your needs, skincare or hair growth. Having such a device in hand is equal to having two single-function beauty devices. So it provides high-tech treatment from all respects while simplifying your beauty routine.

The laser comb makes hair growth never a fantasy. Using advanced technologies like RF, low-level laser and infrared LED light (red and blue), it helps to provide scalp care, promote blood circulation and nourish hair follicles to promote hair rebirth. It uses 24K gold plate and medical grade 316 stainless steel poles, thus it is highly skin-friendly. The 4 pieces of IR and 14 pieces poles (red/blue light) in circular design covers scalp and fits well. This helps to easily separate hair, so that the laser and LED wavelength can direct subcutaneous acts on the dermal papilla and rejuvenate them for blood circulation and hair growth. Meanwhile, the smoothing vibration also helps a lot with the blood flow. The streamlined body is very suitable for women. Use 10-15 minutes and twice a week, you will gradually say goodbye to hair loss and thinning.

After a hair growth treatment, you may want a face skin rejuvenation and facial massage. This 2 in 1 device spares you extra routines. You just need to replace the hair growth head with the face care one. Whatever you want, deep cleaning, eye care or skin lift, the device can help you. Its large area pole cover fits face very well. The ultrasonic deeply exports dirt in skin and the ion helps to stimulate collagen fibre growth, accelerate metabolism and defer senility. In addition, the 15° angle design in replaceable head makes it easier to use and fit your face better.

On the whole, this revolutionary 2-in-1 device feels really luxurious. By using a combination of cutting-edge technologies, it enables you to enjoy a hair growth & beauty spa in the palm of your hand. Learn more about this device at here.

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