Greenaltech unveils new urban skin technology


Cities are the heart of our economy and urban life is the new normal. Air pollution is indeed one of the worst side effects. Greenaltech will unveil this week in Amsterdam the latest in skin barrier technology.

Skin care brands can help urban dwellers combat air pollution. This new technology is 100% natural, sustainable and China compliant. It has been validated with extensive urban dust in-vitro testing and clinical studies in both Europe and Asia.

Greenaltech unveils new urban skin technology
  • ALGAKTIV UrbanSKN shields the skin from urban life and pollution
  • ALGAKTIV UrbanSKN strengthens the barrier, cements the stratum corneum and defends skin cells from urban dust

A recent clinical study in Beijing and Milan demonstrates how consumers feel protected against urban pollution (90% vs. 25% with the placebo). But it does not stop here – ALGAKTIV UrbanSKN soothes, increases comfort and calms redness and itching sensation.

Interested? Join the ALGAKTIV team at inCosmetics Amsterdam (stand H303).

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