Grant Industries offers Ecocert solvent with silicone elastomers for greener solutions

Grant Industries develops Ecocert-certified solvent

Grant Industries has developed a new line of natural and silicone based technologies to offer customers greener solutions. Using 100% Ecocert approved, volatile vegetable alkanes, Grant has launched a number of new ingredients designed to fit market needs. New product highlights include polysilicone-11 elastomer dispersions in vegetable alkanes for an 85% natural system; Gransil GVL, a silicone-in-water dispersion of polysilicone-11 and vegetable alkanes tailored for ease of formulation and cold process compatibility; Gransil SiW-GVL, and physical UV dispersions of titanium and zinc oxide in vegetable alkanes; UV Cut TiO2-65-VL and UV Cut ZnO-72-VL. The carrier used, vegetable alkanes, is a clear emollient with volatility properties similar to petroleum-derived isododecane and synthetically-derived cyclomethicones. The combination provides enhanced solubility, active delivery and preferred quick-drying, non-greasy aesthetics.