Good hair day: Philip Kingsley flourishing

Philip Kingsley generates 100% sales growth in three years

Perhaps my biggest contribution to the hair care market is that I have brought to the fore the psychological importance of hair – more so than any other part of the human anatomy. — Philip Kingsley

Founded in 1960, Phillip Kingsley’s Trichological Clinic has helped change the hair care market forever. Yet if everything had gone to plan his brand would never have existed. “I wanted to study medicine,” says Kingsley himself, a man now known in some circles as ‘The Hair Doctor’ and widely credited with coining the phrase ‘bad hair day’.

His original ambition was never realised as Kingsley’s parents could not afford the tuition. Instead, he opted to pursue trichology, the study of the hair and scalp. “I first became interested in hair because my uncle had a hairdressing salon and I used to go there to watch,” he says. He used to practice at home on family and friends, becoming obsessed with learning more about the craft.

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