Goldn launches new digital product creation platform for cosmetics industry


Goldn Product Builder enables beauty brands and product developers to create new products, collaborate and get to market faster

Goldn launches new digital product creation platform for cosmetics industry

Goldn GmbH, an angel-backed San Francisco-German technology company, today announced an industry-first online, easy-to-use cosmetic product development tool that helps beauty brands and cosmetic product developers of any level of experience work easily and securely to develop formula-based products.

Goldn’s Product Builder guides cosmetic product creators through all the different phases of development, streamlining the building process from ideation to regulatory approval.

The digital end-to-end solution provides individuals and small teams a single platform to simplify product creation and significantly decrease time to market.

“Getting to market with a formula-based product in the personal care industry is challenging. The complex and time-consuming process requires tools that are technical and complicated,” said Udo Eberlein, CEO of Goldn.

“At Goldn, we are bringing the necessary people, goods, and guidance all together in a platform designed specifically to support cosmetic creation at launch. This intuitive and innovative solution will significantly reduce development time for most users.”

The Goldn Product Builder platform includes the following features:

  • Ideation – leverage idea boards to find and share inspiration for new products
  • Product Brief – utilise templates to create and share product specs with suppliers
  • Guided Tasks – complete critical milestones for each stage of product development
  • Collaboration – manage teams and contributors in a secure, single online space
  • Launch – minimise risk and go to market simply and delightfully.

This product release is Goldn’s first step in simplifying product development and addressing the currently fragmented and largely analog chemicals industry through digitalisation.

Goldn’s product roadmap includes creating an ecosystem for suppliers from across the value chain, such as cosmetic manufacturers, ingredients and packaging suppliers, cosmetic formulators,test institutes, regulatory and marketing agencies to showcase their products and services and collaborate with brands to create new products.

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Goldn Product Builder is now publicly available and offered for free at



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