Global ingestible beauty leaders announce launch of next innovation: A potent new formula targeting skin tone perfection

Published: 31-Mar-2022

VIDA GLOW's new radiance capsules address dark spots, dark circles, discolouration and skin luminosity

Vida Glow’s first-mover approach continues to pioneer the landscape of ingestible beauty. Paving the way for cellular skin care, Radiance is the first from the brand’s Advanced Repair range – a specialised product subset delivering targeted treatments for common beauty concerns.

Alongside extensive clinical data, industry skin professionals agree that uneven skin tone is a key contributor to the age we appear and a leading beauty concern for women globally. With minimal efficacy-based solutions, Vida Glow recognised the need for an answer. One that was simple yet provided outstanding results across concerns relating to skin brightness and uniformity.

The next generation of ingestible skin care, Radiance is a once-daily capsule to target dull and uneven skin. Through cutting-edge science, it operates on a cellular level, addressing visible imperfections on the complexion, dark spots, darks circles and overall skin luminosity.

“I’m excited to share Vida Glow’s next phase. The science and high efficacy behind Radiance is revolutionary and provides a tangible solution for anyone concerned with uneven tone, dullness and skin discolouration. Having experienced post-partum pigmentation myself, I understand the frustration and need for a breakthrough formula like Radiance.” — ANNA LAHEY, VIDA GLOW FOUNDER

Uneven skin tone occurs when there is an overproduction of melanin in the body. This excess production is triggered by sun, blue light exposure, inflammatory skin conditions, genetics, hormones and lifestyle stressors such as diet and poor sleeping habits.

Vida Glow’s Radiance was created for skin tone perfection. The ground-breaking formula, transformed by its primary active, SkinAx2™, is infused with a unique blend of brightening antioxidants, plant extracts, vitamins, minerals and carotenoids. It provides skin with the vital, internal nutrients it needs to heal – working hard to diminish the appearance of existing imperfections on the face and guard against future damage.

Global ingestible beauty leaders announce launch of next innovation: A potent new formula targeting skin tone perfection

The formula’s hero active, SkinAx2™, is an award-winning combination of Champagne grape-seed and French melon extracts that potently support melasma pigmentation, post-acne dark spots, age and sun spots and dark circles. It is clinically studied to increase luminosity by -26%, significantly reduce imperfections on the face by -18% and dark circles by -12%; resulting in even skin tone and illuminated complexions.

Delivery in a plant-derived cellulose capsule was a conscious deviation from Vida Glow’s renowned powder ingestibles. Molecules and actives differ in their bioavailability. Whilst a powder mechanism offers peak potency for the brand’s best-selling Natural Marine Collagen and Anti-G-Ox supplements, Radiance is different.

It has a targeted release in the small intestines. Therefore, a vegan capsule format was selected to protect sensitive active, SkinAx2™, from stomach acidity as it travels through the body. This ensures all actives are broken down at the intended point and are fully distributed into the body for optimal absorption.

Powered by SkinAx2™, Vida Glow’s Radiance is suitable for all skin types, displaying efficacious results across multiple skin tone concerns, including post-partum melasma pigmentation. Discolouration from acne. Dark spots from ageing and excessive sun. Dark under-eye circles due to genetics, sleep deprivation and stress.

Designed as a functional easy-to-adopt supplement, the plant-based cellulose capsules are tasteless and odourless. We recommend taking one capsule a day with food, every day. Radiance is available at Harrods, Liberty, Feel Unique and from £49.

Visible Results

To measure efficacy, an extensive investment was placed into official clinical studies. The conducted trials revealed tangible results within two months of consistent, daily supplementation.

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