Global Cosmetic Developments launches ingredient R&D service

Global Cosmetic Developments has the knowledge to identify material compatibility during the early stages of formulation development and are also creative with identifying different applications and routes to market for new ingredient concepts and technologies.

We have the expertise to assist companies to develop new cosmetic ingredient technology, validate new raw materials, find different applications and formula designs for ingredients and technologies already available on the market.

Along with this expertise, we can also enhance this offering by also providing the latest innovations in cosmetic product formulation development to compliment your ingredient technology.

We can offer a development service which can include:

  • Ingredient formula design. We can work with you to bring your ingredient concept to life in the laboratory.
  • Product formulation design to showcase efficacy and performance of new ingredient technology.
  • Validation of raw material compatibility with new ingredients for both new and existing formulations.
  • We can offer a full support service which would include preparation of samples and organisation of product and consumer testing required to test the performance of new ingredients depending on the requirements of the project.

Please contact us for more information about our Ingredient Research & Development package.

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