Givaudan unveils new Warrior make-up concept


Givaudan Active Beauty revolutionises women’s intensive day with its make-up concept ‘Warrior’ at in-cosmetics Latin America

Athleisure beauty is now fully integrated in the beauty and personal care world, and it’s clearly revolutionising the way women wear make-up. Since few years, there has been a clear rise in wellness culture. This trend is characterised by active women who want a healthier lifestyle by practicing workouts while facing their frenetic day.

In addition to focus on nutrition and exercise, women are also looking for fitting beauty care. They want to look and feel their best during and after their workout, specifically with sweat-resistant and long-lasting make-up. This Athleisure trend has spread to the whole make-up categories, with the development of coloured formulations answering active women’s needs: long lastingness, additional benefits (hydration, sebum control, anti-ageing), on-the-go formats and more natural solutions.

In Latin America, women want to adjust their beauty routine around their workout. So, Brazilian beauty companies have decided to offer products designed to meet the unique needs of these active consumers.

Givaudan Active Beauty’s formulations experts have taken this trendy opportunity to inspire beauty brands while offering a make-up set called ‘Warrior’ and containing 4 products dedicated to active consumers in order to feel and look beautiful throughout their intensive day.

The Warrior concept has been created around 4 ritual steps:

1. Lock it IN your skin: Face powder

Feel on your skin a magic make-up powder delivering active ingredients to hydrate and protect it from environmental threats all day long. It contains an oil soluble hyaluronic acid, PrimalHyal Gold, an exclusive UV repair complex, Uniprotect P-3, and a natural source of omega 3, Kendi Oil, to support your daily activities.

2. Lock it FROM Naturals: Eyeshadow / blush

Uncover an eyeshadow and a blush at the same time. This 2-in-1 ‘Terra Cotta’ sweat resistance formula protects your skin from pollution and cigarette smoke. Featuring the smart polymer Unimer U-1946, it contains a natural Indian botanical extract called Soothex, which releases skin from daily aggressions. Create your gradual effect with a blender.

3. Lock it ON your lips: Lips velvet

Enjoy the attractive effect of this pink glittered lipstick. Based on a high performance polymer called Unimer U-1946, it gives a soft feeling, a long lasting shiny and glossy finish, as well as a perfect water resistance. It contains also Pongamia Extract, an Ayurvedic botanical extract for lips UVA protection.

4. UNLOCK it and free your skin: Make-up remover

Get off your make-up with this delicate cleanser. Its green detergent, Sophogreen, will gently clean your skin, while its marine extracts, Ocaline XP, will hydrate your face for the night. Its vegetal hyaluronic acid, Unitamuron H-22, will give a velvety skin feeling and its detox extract, Unicontrozon C-49, will capture remaining free radicals.

Ophélie Bourgon, Marketing & Technical Support Manager, said: “Through the Warrior beauty box, we are willing to inspire and share with our customers on the fast growing demand of women looking for new generation of products fitting with their rhythm of life. These consumers are also seeking for a unique experience including the pleasure of novel make-up gestures, a natural finish and a second skin effect offer-ing caring and protection. Women are #Warriors, so should be their products!”

Be conquered by our new marketing concept Warrior that will let active women win their everyday battles!

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To find out more regarding ‘Warrior’, we will be very delighted to welcome you booth J30 at in-cosmetics Latin America, in Sao Paulo.

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