Givaudan unveils BisaboLife a sustainable scalp soothing solution


New clinical tests demonstrate hair care benefits in rinse off products with the sustainable biotech (-)-α-bisabolol

Givaudan unveils BisaboLife a sustainable scalp soothing solution

Living in urban areas, the scalp is weakened and more fragile due to all sorts of external aggressions, such as pollution, cold weather and intense indoor heat.

Having a healthy scalp is on top of consumers’ mind with 70% of UK women agreeing that caring for the scalp can improve hair condition.

An itchy scalp is a growing concern for consumers. This is the n°1 hair concern in China with 50% of Chinese claiming to have an irritated scalp.

Givaudan Active Beauty presents new clinical tests demonstrating a significant soothing effect of Bisabolife in shampoo with -25% of scalp irritations in only two weeks for 100% of the volunteers.

Givaudan unveils BisaboLife a sustainable scalp soothing solution

BisaboLife is a fully bio-sourced bisabolol, obtained by fermentation from plant sugars. It offers the possibility to take care of sensitive skin by fortifying and soothing the skin and scalp while restoring its comfort.

Emilie Chapuis, Clinical Trial Project Manager, said: “It's always a challenge to demonstrate the clinical efficacy of an active ingredient such as BisaboLife in a rinse off product as the product needs to be highly efficient to deliver a benefit.

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The BisaboLife scalp tests were performed on volunteers having an itchy scalp (pruritus) in a double blind, inter-individual and placebo controlled clinical evaluation versus the plant or chemical sources of bisabolols. The results demonstrate great consumer benefits that will benefit consumers needing a sensitive scalp treatment.”

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