Givaudan launches high-performance vegan red pigment


New Red 1805 is claimed to be an easy way to switch from synthetic to sustainable pigment

Givaudan Active Beauty has presented a vegan red pigment for use in make-up.

The high-performance powder is said to offer a sustainable alternative to synthetic red pigments while answering the growing trend for ‘clean’ beauty.

Called New Red 1805, the pigment has been developed for lipstick creators who wish to formulate with a high content of natural-origin ingredients without compromising on shade, intensity and stability.

New Red 1805 is derived from the Chinese radish (Raphanus sativus L.) whose roots are rich in the coloured metabolite anthocyanin.

The raw material is fully traceable and obtained via a farming cooperative based in Yunnan province, China.

New Red 1805 has been shown to deliver better chroma C* and better coverage (Contrast Ratio) than a synthetic benchmark red pigment in products designed for lips.

“Most of the existing colour formulae rely on synthetic pigments,” says Yohan Rolland, Global Category Manager at Givaudan Active Beauty.

“Proudly crafted by green fractionation, New Red 1805 enables brands to bring a premium vegan, cruelty-free and performant innovation in the most iconic category of colours cosmetics: the red lipstick.

“With a 100% natural origin, it doesn’t interfere with performance.”

Moreover, New Red 1805 boasts antioxidant properties to help protect delicate lip skin from free radicals.

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The pigment is said to be easy to formulate and can be used on its own or in association with other pigments.

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