Givaudan harnesses upcycled patchouli for latest hair and scalp active

By Austyn King | 22-Mar-2022

With 85% of consumers experiencing dry flakes in their scalp, Patchoul'Up acts to normalise the scalp microbiome, rebalancing sebum production and eliminating dry flakes

Ingredients supplier Givaudan is harnessing the power of upcycled patchouli to soothe itchy scalps with its latest active ingredient.

85% of consumers have experienced dry flakes in their scalp, according to the company's research, with 44% of these believing this was due to an unhealthy scalp microbiome.

In response, Givaudan has created Patchoul'Up, which acts to normalise the scalp microbiome, rebalancing sebum production and eliminating dry flakes.

Crafted from distilled patchouli leaves after their use in fragrance creation, Patchoul’Up aims to tap into the 'skinification' trend, as consumers increasingly seek hair care products powered by active ingredients to treat their hair and scalp issues.

In trials, 100% of volunteers said their scalp condition was improved after using the ingredient, while dry flakes were reduced by 31% and sebum production was rebalanced by 39%.

“We continually push the boundaries to offer new sustainable and responsibly sourced ingredients to the cosmetic industry, a must-have to satisfy today's customer and consumer demands,” said Fabrice Lefevre, Innovation and Marketing Director Active Beauty at Givaudan.

“For us, upcycling is not just a trend but a true path to success on our journey as a sustainable business.”

Patchoul’Up is Givaudan's latest offering as part of its sustainable Sourcing4Good programme, which has seen the team work with local producers on the Island of Sulawesi, Indonesia, to develop a sustainable smallholder patchouli business.

It joins the company's roster of upcycled ingredients alongside Koffee’Up Grade, a coffee oil created in partnership with Danish coffee start-up Kaffe Bueno in 2020, and skin care active Vetivyne, made using by-products from the fragrance industry.

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