Givaudan Active Beauty unveils Patchoul’Up, a new upcycled active ingredient for hair and scalp


Upcycling meets well-being in a sustainable eco-designed cosmetic ingredient that boosts self-confidence from our Clinical and Neurosciences Research

Givaudan Active Beauty announces today the launch of Patchoul’Up™, a 100% upcycled active ingredient able to rebalance sebum production, eliminate dry flakes and normalise the scalp microbiome for overall well-being of hair and scalp. Sourced responsibly in Indonesia, Patchoul’Up™ is crafted through green fractionation from distilled patchouli leaves after their use as a raw material in fragrance creation.

The new eco-designed ingredient supports Givaudan's purpose of 'Creating for happier, healthier lives with love for nature' and responds to both customer and consumer demand for upcycled solutions that preserve precious natural resources.

Patchoul’Up™ is a new clean, sustainable, upcycled, Vegan, plant-based and scientifically-proven solution to prevent white dry flakes on consumers’ scalps affected by specific issues.

Patchoul’Up™ provides unique results in just 1 month, with demonstrated enhanced well-being and emotional benefits, making it a true ally in the age of feel-good cosmetics!

Benefits to consumers

Dry scalp flakes are among the most common aesthetic concerns, caused by dry scalp without microbial infection, and are associated with scalp itching, irritation and discomfort.

These small scalp particles fall on shoulders all day long like dusty snowflakes, creating a visible aesthetic trouble on clothes, which may ultimately impact people’s self-confidence and self-esteem.

Treatments for oily dandruff, which is caused by a fungal infection on scalp, are inefficient against dry flakes; yet they make up most of the current market’s solutions against scalp flakes.

Our dedicated CMI report highlights that 85% of consumers have previously experienced dry flakes, with 40% mentioning dandruff and dry flakes as their main scalp issue.

It’s interesting to note that consumers are increasingly educated on this topic, with 44% of those who have experienced dry flakes believing the cause to be an unhealthy scalp microbiome.

Technical merit

Patchoul’Up™ contains specific botanical oligosaccharides and proteoglycans. These oligomers act on keratinocytes to reduce their excessive migration, while reducing the thickness of the stratum corneum (-35%), which contributes to decreased scalp over-exfoliation at the origin of dry flakes.

Meanwhile, Patchoul’Up™ triggers skin barrier function through the boost of keratohyalin, filaggrin and caspase 14, and stimulates the Natural Moisturizing Factor up to +35%.

Patchoul’Up™ also rebalances dry scalp sebum production by triggering a +39% significantly increase of lipids production by sebocytes.

Two double blind studies versus placebo have shown that volunteers using a shampoo containing Patchoul’Up™ had +34% rebalanced sebum production and a -13% decrease of white flakes.

For those using only a leave-on lotion, they had a -31% reduction of scalp dry flakes in one month. 100% of the active group enjoyed an improvement of scalp quality.

87% felt a reduction of itching’s intensity and 93% saw no dry flakes on clothes. As dry scalp and flakes are commonly associated with a lack of well-being, two recognised neurosciences methods were used to evaluate evolution of the volunteers’ well-being.

They revealed that Patchoul’up™ significantly improves by over 9 fold their positive emotions while their negative feelings went over 3 times down.

To learn more about Patchoul’Up™ we invite you to visit our booth (G80) at in-cosmetics global in Paris!

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