Givaudan Active Beauty ensures high molecular weight hyaluronic acid penetration

By Julia Wray | 30-Mar-2022

Cristalhyal e-Perfection, clay-vectorised high molecular weight HA, reaches deep epidermal layers for long lasting hydration

Hyaluronic acid (HA) is the gold standard for skin care moisturisation.

However, high molecular weight HA, which offers the greatest hydration benefits, does not spontaneously penetrate.

To bring the long lasting skin care benefits of high molecular weight HA to deep epidermal layers, Givaudan Active Beauty has launched Cristalhyal e-Perfection.

A clay-vectorised high molecular weight biotech HA, the triple-action ingredient accesses the skin’s deep layers via electrical attraction to provide well-ageing benefits, long-lasting hydration and mattifying effects.

“Cristalhyal e-Perfection is an exclusive combination of HA and bentonite clay, inspired from ionophoresis,” said Amandine Scandolera, Head of Biological Evaluation for Givaudan Active Beauty, referring to the process whereby a device generating electrical micro-currents is used to promote ingredients' penetration into the epidermis.

“Thanks to a patented and proprietary process, bentonite clay can be activated to efficiently entrap molecules of HMW HA in the interstitial space of specific lamellar structures.

“Hyaluronic acid molecules will thus benefit from an electrical attraction from the skin’s deep layers, to a depth of 75 microns.”

Clinical trials show long lasting hydration (more than 24 hours after just one application); a reduction in fine lines in the crow’s feet area by -27.3% after one month; and a mattifying effect with a -27.4% reduction in skin’s shininess.

To demonstrate Cristalhyal e-Perfection as well as its recently launched Neoporyl ingredient, Givaudan Active Beauty has formulated S3D STEP UP, a non-tinted skin perfector to improve skin quality and texture.

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