Gillette challenges stereotypes with new #ManEnough campaign

By Becky Bargh 25-Nov-2019

Through its new campaign, the P&G-owned personal care brand is encouraging men to show their emotions

Gillette challenges stereotypes with new #ManEnough campaign

Gillette is continuing to challenge stereotypes in its latest campaign.

The P&G-owned brand’s new #ManEnough film encourages men to show their emotions and let’s them know that it is acceptable to cry.

The film stars Lt. Col. Manoj Kumar Sinha alongside his father and tell the story of why he suppressed his emotions to his father in order to appear more manly.

He said: “I guess I stopped crying because I wanted to be like him [his father], tough and strong.”

The film shows Sinha’s courage after he was shot in the jaw and realisation that showing emotions is not a sign of weakness.

“That was the day we both realised that showing what you really feel doesn’t make you less of a man,” said Sinha.

“Men can cry, even soldiers can cry. Because our pain relieves the best in us.”

Speaking about the campaign, Karthik Srivarsan, P&G’s Country Category Leader for the Indian Sub-Continent, added: “Lt. Col. Manoj Kumar and his father are true heroes who’ve shown us that when we get past stereotypes that constrain us, we can emerge stronger together.

“Gillette salutes their spirit and is proud to have had the opportunity to be part of their journey.

“We are committed to Gillette being a force for good and want to continue to bring real life positive stories of men and play a role in influencing culture.”

Gillette has worked on a number campaigns to challenge gender stereotypes including hiring a transgender model to appear in its shaving advert and tackling ‘toxic masculintiy’.

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