Gelest introduces hybrid fluids for cosmetics


Vertasil line reduces surface tension, increases spreadability and enhances compatibility

   Gelest Inc has launched a line of hybrid fluids based on trisiloxane-modified natural products and natural-product-tipped siloxanes. The Vertasil line – which is said to reduce surface tension, increase spreadability and enhance compatibility when used in foundations, eye shadows and blushers – comprises four products. Vertasil TM-L01 limonenyltrisiloxane offers a natural analogue of caprylylmethicone derived from limonene, the major component of oil extracted from citrus rind, and provides good colour without tacky residue, while Vertasil TM-VE1 tocopheryloxypropyl-trisiloxane is formed by adding a small siloxane segment to a natural tocopherol derived from soy bean oil. It spreads more readily than pure tocopherol and acts as a solvent for a number of mineral and vegetable waxes.

The two natural-product-tipped siloxanes are Vertasil VAN-07 omega-anisyldimethicone, which is derived from the essential oil of tarragon and combines a high refractive index with low surface tension, and Vertasil VLM-07omega-linonenyldimethicone. Derived from an extract of citrus rind, this has a light emollient touch and is soluble in a wide range of organics and silicones.