Gatuline Link n Lift receives Silver Award at in-cosmetics Global


Gattefossé received the Best Active Ingredient Silver Award 2017

Gattefossé’ launched new active ingredient, Gatuline Link n Lift, developed especially for the eye contour area.

Based on horse chestnut flowers and obtained using NaDES technology, Gatuline Link n Lift restores fibroblast dynamism and acts on the dermal-epidermal junction to reconnect the epidermis to the dermis. As a result, wrinkles around the eyes are visibly reduced and negative expressions disappear for a younger and fresher look.

In order to demonstrate the effectiveness of Gatuline Link n Lift, Gattefossé has partnered with Newtone Technologies to implement an innovative 3D processing method in order to achieve realistic 3D printing.

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“We are thrilled to have received this prestigious award amongst such strong competition. Gatuline Link n Lift, was developed to treat the eye contour area, in particular the fragile zone underneath the eyes.The wrinkles in this area influence how we express our emotions, giving a false impression of tiredness and sadness. By targeting these lines, this active restores the capacity of the face to look happy and rested at all ages. Gatuline Link n Lift has been incredibly well received by our customers at the show and we look forward to promoting it globally in the weeks to come.”
Paula Lennon, Group Innovation Director

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