Gattefossé releases true emotions restored from natural actives

The thousands of emotions that we experience every day end up etched on our faces. Two natural actives from Gattefossé have been developed to ensure that only positive emotions impact the way we look

Happiness, anxiety, peacefulness, expectation; we experience thousands of emotions every day and they often show up on our skin.

Expression lines are the results of these thousands of daily involuntary micro-contractions of the facial muscles. These fine lines start being visible around the age of 30 and will turn into deep wrinkles over the years[1]. Affected areas include the outer eye corner (where crow’s feet will appear), forehead, lip contour, nasolabial folds and neck.

Because they become more visible and deeper as we age, they can lead to the expression of inappropriate emotions[2].

Gattefossé has recently launched two natural actives that specifically help in restoring the features of young skin, for a fresher appearance and positive facial expressiveness.

Lips: A Symbol Of Sensuality

The lips represent one of the most sensual aspects of a women’s body and play a key role in expressing emotions. Full, well-defined, heart-shaped lips are an unfailing symbol of sensuality and feminine charm.

As we age, our lips lose their shape and definition, undermining their sensuality: they become thinner, the double upper curve (Cupid’s bow) flattens and the lip borders become less visible. Vertical barcode wrinkles and lines known as bitterness folds appear, giving the face an unwanted severe appearance.

Gatuline Expression AF, a new active launched in 2017, is capable of redesigning the entire mouth contour. This active visibly erases vertical wrinkles, restores contour definition and tightens the Cupid’s bow angle for a curvier, more sensual smile.

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