GREENTECH announces MAPRIC purchase


French plant biotechnology pioneer GREENTECH continues its international expansion with the purchase of the Brazilian company MAPRIC, provider of active ingredients for the cosmetic, pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries

MAPRIC’s activity complements that of GREENTECH, which develops and produces high-tech active ingredients from the plant, marine and microbial worlds for these same industries, through its three companies GREENTECH, GREENSEA and BIOVITIS.

The two companies’ synergistic know-how will strengthen R&D, production capacities, sales teams and local and international partnerships.

Through the acquisition, MAPRIC gains an international dimension to continue its growth, while GREENTECH – already present in Brazil through its subsidiary GREENTECH Brasil – gains a local site in a country with particularly rich biodiversity.

The two companies share and defend the same technical and scientific values, as well as social, ethical and human ones, which explains the logic behind the agreement.

MAPRIC is certified ISO 9001:2008, and was a visionary in working very early on with CGEN (“Conselho de Gestão do Patrimônio Genético” – Organisation managing the protection of Brazilian biodiversity and industrial and trade relations with local communities).

Today, it has obtained CGEN approval for over 60 Brazilian plants.

For its part, GREENTECH has always focused on sustainable development and fair trade and has established partnerships in many countries in the past 20+ years.

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Through this acquisition, GREENTECH confirms its acceleration strategy and determination to work more closely with cosmetic brands worldwide.

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