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How long skin remains smooth and hair free is largely down to the individual. Find the answers to customers’ common hair removal questions here

How can I achieve longer lasting results from my hair removal?
How long skin remains smooth and hair free is largely down to the individual. Everyone’s hair follicles replenish at a different rate, so often you can’t be entirely sure until you try. But there are some methods that are proven to be more effective at keeping regrowth at bay for longer. Sue Ismiel, hair removal expert and Nad’s CEO, makes a case for waxing as yielding long lasting smoothness: “In terms of effectiveness, waxing gives much longer lasting results (between two and eight weeks, depending on the individual) as it removes hair from the root as opposed to clipping it at skin level.” Though waxing can be uncomfortable for a novice, the pros definitely outweigh the cons and it’s worth persevering with if a customer wants a more effective, efficient method. Bliss Spa Body Technician Arpita Patel adds that there are products on the market specially designed to prolong results and slow down hair growth between waxes, which may be worth considering to extend the results. For those who are really serious about banishing body hair, you could suggest a home IPL device. These intense pulsed light or laser hair removal technologies ‘zap’ the hair at the follicle with a laser strong enough to stop regrowth from the root, and over a course of sessions can actually completely prevent the hair from growing back. Advise customers who are interested to thoroughly research the devices on offer and the results that they claim before making a purchase.


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