From shrub to tub with Bell Flavors and Fragrances EMEA


Consumers' need for an environmentally conscious lifestyle has recently become even more prevalent and the natural cosmetics segment, in particular, is experiencing a sustained boom.

In Germany for instance, one in ten products in the personal care industry now claims natural ingredients.

Looking back at the past year, one trend is clearly emerging: fragrances inspired by healthy foods are shaping body and facial care. Bell Flavors & Fragrances is committed to meeting this demand with its fragrance creations.

From creative vegetable combinations and exotic grains to creations with Nordic plants, Bell Flavors & Fragrances offers numerous new compositions that give body care products a seductive, natural scent. Moreover, the company provides added value with the accompanying botanical extracts.

Fragrant Vegetables, Grains and Herbs

In the search for new fragrances and ingredients, a look in both domestic gardens, as well as distant countries, is worthwhile. This year, the Leipzig manufacturer's new vegetable fragrances include Cucumber & Borage, Corn & Coriander, and Sweet Potato & Rosemary. Furthermore, native wild herbs and plants are very popular.

The aromatic, soothing fragrance of sage, for example, is not only perfect for the medicine cabinet. When it comes to personal care, this plant with its silvery shimmering leaves plays an increasingly important role due to its alleged anti-ageing effect on cells.

Bell Flavors & Fragrances has also identified various grains and seeds as super foods. Spelt, teff, Khorasan wheat, sorghum and amaranth are excellent for creams, lotions and hair care products. Bells perfumers were also inspired by Mangostin, a new tropical super fruit, and created fruity-aromatic fragrance combinations that unfold excellently in shower gel and shampoo.

Freshness from the Arctic

Alongside the inspiration offered by super fruits and the like, the right botanical extracts bring something extra that consumers are increasingly appreciating. As a provider having both fragrances and botanical extracts in its portfolio, Bell Flavors & Fragrances is able to offer interesting, complementary combinations. Botanical extracts have also been developed for the mentioned new grains.

Bell is also expanding the Scandinavian trend to its botanical extracts portfolio. After all, these ingredients, which relate to the Arctic Circle are ideal for evoking feelings of freedom, purity and freshness. Cup flower, red algae, gentian, edelweiss and bearberry are some of the botanical extracts offered by Bell that highlight this trend and are certified by the European CosIng database as having skin caring properties.

The shown wide range of super fruits and associated items illustrates the untapped creative potential for personal care products. There are hardly any limits on the manufacturers' creativity when it comes to regularly introducing consumers to new and interesting ingredients.

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