From 'period skin' to pregnancy: 6 ways hormones affect our looks

By Julia Wray 6-Mar-2018

From tricky teens through to menopause, hormones can play havoc with the condition of our skin and hair. But what is really going on, and what products can customers use to counter their bodies’ ups and downs?

Curology provides customised skin care ‘superbottles’ for older acne sufferers

Curology provides customised skin care ‘superbottles’ for older acne sufferers

Throughout our lives, whether male or female, our hormones are responsible for a whole host of skin and hair issues, such as hormonal acne. A recent study, published in The British Journal of Dermatology, showed acne sufferers to have a 63% higher risk of developing major depression. And with emotional stress playing a role in boosting acne-causing hormones, sufferers seem doomed to a vicious circle of pimples and misery.

Fortunately, the way the beauty industry engages with hormones and menstruation is changing. Periods are more openly discussed and women now want to know how they can work with their monthly ebbs and flows to ensure their skin is in top condition – and savvy brands are sensing an opportunity.

So how do our hormones affect the way we look? And what brands are here to help?

1. Teenage complexions

Many of us remember the trials of ‘teenage’ skin. For youngsters, a plump dermis is a poor consolation prize for the rash of pimples with which many struggle. And as Victoria Schofield, Education Executive at professional skin care brand Dermalogica, explains, ...

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