From 'chin corsets' to liquid peels: What's next from Korea?


The latest innovations in K-beauty

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Cosmobeauty Seoul, one of the biggest beauty trade shows in Korea, offered an interesting mixture of newcomer brands, niche beauty and mainstream C&T manufacturers at this year’s trade fair.

1. Beauren Korea

C&T manufacturer Beauren Korea had one of the biggest booths at Cosmobeauty. The company presented several of its key product ranges including at-home anti-ageing beauty treatment Miracletox.

Miracletox has been formulated with Micro-Spear technology, a functional cosmetic ingredient derived from hydrolysed fresh water sponge.

This sponge develops tiny silica-based 'needles' in order to adapt to its living environment. For the Micro-Spear technology these needles are processed until they are micro-sized and are then blended into the Miracletox creams and ampoules.

The principle is similar to micro-needling treatments in which the skin is first 'injured' with tiny needle punctures, after which a lifting, brightening or skin-refining product is applied to the skin. Thanks to these micro-small injuries the active ingredients can penetrate into the skin's inner layers.

From 'chin corsets' to liquid peels: What's next from Korea?

2. Avajar

Korean face mask manufacturer Avajar is best-known for its bright pink Perfect V Lifting Masks. These partial sheet masks are described as 'corsets for the chin' and are said to help slim down chubby cheeks and double chins thanks to a dual-layer mask design.

The inner layer is a classic hydrogel mask saturated in an essence, which contains caffeine, glucosamine and hyaluronic acid. The outer layer is a stretchy compression-bandage type of fabric which holds the hydrogel layer firmly in place.

A clearly defined v-shaped chin is a highly prized aesthetic in Asia, so it's not surprising that these masks are one of Avajar's top-sellers online and offline. At Cosmobeauty Seoul 2018 the company presented its latest Perfect V Lifting Mask variant: a black mask version especially designed for men.

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